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Inflamex has been developed to address inflammatory conditions resulting from athletic and sports injuries, soft tissue trauma and inflammation caused by postoperative procedures.
Medical research supports: “The use of a powerful proteolytic enzyme formula, provides superior, safer and longer term results for the reduction of inflammation and accelerating the healing process.” NSI has developed a potent formulation in Inflamex, utilizing powerful proteolytic enzymes, including high levels of protease, peptidase and bromelain shown in research to act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

Considerable cell damage is done during inflammation, to combat this cell damage, NSI has included an advanced mineral formulation to assist the body in the production of SOD (SOD is the body’s most powerful antioxidant which helps stabilize cellular integrity due to oxidation).

Inflamex should be used immediately after injury and surgery in acute inflammation stages or in any other cases when inflammation is present. The bodies ability to control inflammation play’s a major role in how fast the body heals and recovers.

You now have a product that will produce unparalleled results for your patients without the damaging side effects of over the counter and prescriptive drugs.

As with all NSI products, “EDS” Enzyme Delivery System is utilized to ensure the maximum bioavailabilty and absorption to the cell level.
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Inflamex product
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